Company History

WagesbyNet was started by Daniel Hampton in November 1998 who single handedly built a successful customer base and set the standard for the way the company operates today.

The first payroll client we took on had just 5 employees, but as we progressed and built on our Bureau, our biggest client now has over 375 staff requiring multiple payments and deductions each month.

Our Aim

WagesbyNet have established themselves as one to watch in the payroll field because of their compulsion with perfection to offer the absolute highest quality of services across the board.

We do the hard work for you and get it right first time, every time! But please do remember, we are only as good as the information you give us!

Our Clients

Public Houses, Hotels, Building Contractors, Retailers, IT Consultancy, Holiday Villa Sales & Rental, PPE & Clothing Wholesalers, Chef Agencies, DJ’s, Musicians, Record Labels, Web Developers, Hair & Beauty Salons, IT Sales & Software, Spa & Sauna Sales, Furniture Retailers, Pet Insurers, Nightclubs, Vehicle Repairs, Garden Landscapers, Vinyl Wrpappers, the Self Employed and even Accountants!

So why not join the rest and contact the WagesbyNet Payroll Bureau now!